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PostSubject: Acension   Acension Icon_minitimeFri Aug 24, 2007 2:55 pm

What is Ascension
Ascension is an advanced form of gameplay played in the main server and in the ascension server.

How Do I Ascend?
To ascend you need 1001 g&r points, this is achieved by being above a certain rank.

Whats a System Lord, Etc?
Below are the Main Races and there Ascension Counter Parts

Goa'uld -> System Lord
Replicator -> NanoTiMaster
Tau'ri -> Tollan
Asgard -> Ancient

What are the Ascended Races?
Ori - they are the dark race of the ascended, they specialize in covert and assassin ability.

Tolah - These are you warrior types. They start out with bonuses it attacking and defense.

Indu - These are your mystics. They deal with personal growth. They also start out with a bonus in physical realm defense and covert.

Ajna - This race is the average race. There is no one place it prospers in, it is just is average in more areas. They start out with the most Life Force.

Whats the difference between Prior and Living God?
Below are the Differences Between the Ascended Stages:

Prior -> 1 Ascension
Prophet -> 2 Ascensions
Messiah -> 3 Ascensions
Incarnate -> 4 Ascensions
Living God -> 5 or more Ascensions
Ancient God -> 10 Ascensions

What Are The Bonuses For Ascending

Prior -> 5%
Prophet -> 10%
Messiah -> 15%
Incarnate -> 20%
Living God -> 25%
Living God+1 -> 30%
Living God+2 -> 31%
Living God+3 -> 32%
Living God+4 -> 33%
Ancient God -> 34%

Apart from just the stat bonus, you get much more powerful weaponry and technologys.

Ascended Blessing
Ascended Blessing is the unique tech for ascended beings, its is unavailible to priors. it gives the chance to double your stats when you are being attacked or are attacking

What Can I Expect After Ascension
After ascending you are placed back on the mortal realm with nothing but your planets and lifers. NO Covert Levels, NO Unit Production, NO Nothing. You Lose All G&R points that you have accumulated, these along with everything you have in your realm are used up when ascending.

You are given access to Ascended Wars, and a chance to prove your worth there.

Ascending More Than Once
Some times called channelling, reascending or just ascending. You can reascend and gain more bonus'

Decension basically is a result of being attacked directly by the others of the ascension realm. while you are decended you have none of the bonus' you had, you are also locked out of the ascension server for two weeks, when you are allowed back in you are under the protection of the others for a short period of time.
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