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 Searching for a sponser

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PostSubject: Searching for a sponser   Searching for a sponser Icon_minitimeTue Dec 23, 2008 6:59 am

Hey guys, just recently joined the osirian priesthood or whatever they call themselves, and have not been in an alliance since before my first ascension, now getting back into it, i am searching for somebody who would like to invest in my mothership, it has been my goal since motherships where first introduced in sgw to build it up to a respected power level, atm when full repaired it is around 115 bil power level, now if anyone is interested please reply to this post, or message me in game, btw if you do not c this as a very powerfull ship and would preffer me to make it more powerfull befor invested in please let me know, as i will happily spend as much time and naq possible to get it to your required level as quickly as possible.
Monkey with a 50cal
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Searching for a sponser
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