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 training alliance status

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asar beqenu
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training alliance status Empty
PostSubject: training alliance status   training alliance status Icon_minitimeTue Mar 24, 2009 3:26 pm

we the Osirian Priesthood have decided that this alliance is losing too many members, and no forum activity coupled with a total lack of support when it has been needed we are self revoking our training alliance status and remaining autonamous. maybe one day these issues will change and if they do we can discuss coming on again, but with poor leadership at the helm this alliance is falling apart and cannot live up to the original expectations set when we joined with LOE, such as war time help, rebuild assistance and diplomatic resolution assistance. we wish LOE the best of luck in their endeavors but we must do what is best for us as an alliance. we thank you for the oppertunity and the friendships we have made, and we hope these friendships will last even though we are going on our own path.
thank you all,
Pharaoh Asar Beqenu
King of the Osirian Priesthood(leader)
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training alliance status
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